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Welcome to CrossFit Oracle

We are happy you stopped by! We want to be your fitness home away from home and we are excited to bring you fitness like you’ve never experienced before. We are a family friendly facility that includes a children’s area.

Our Location

Located In Beautiful Chula Vista

656 L Street, Chula Vista, CA 91911
Web: www.crossfitoracle.com

Who is CrossFit Oracle

CrossFit Oracle is committed to enhancing the quality of life of its members while providing a diverse and inclusive community for all to thrive.
We believe in providing training excellence to all our members to advance their knowledge and physical, mental and emotional development. We are a family-friendly facility that is dedicated to creating a welcoming, inclusive, and collaborative community that fosters trust, integrity, safety, and respect.

CrossFit Oracle ensures the highest quality training with the most positive outcomes.

Our Box

Meet Our Team

Mike Rodríguez
Mike RodríguezCoach/Owner
I have been involved in athletics since a young age, starting with track and field and moving towards my ultimate sport, wrestling. I have been involved with the wrestling community since the age of 13 and coached at Otay Ranch high school for 6 years. I was introduced to CrossFit by a supervisor at work in 2008 and trained in a small hangar before my wife and I decided to join CrossFit Chula Vista in 2012. I have had the pleasure of coaching at our work affiliiate here in Chula Vista and at CrossFit Vision in New Mexico. I love giving back to the community and believe that CrossFit will empower it by teaching them functional movements that will help them with their everyday lives.
Rosy Rodríguez
Rosy RodríguezCoach/Owner
I love empowering people to reach their fitness goals, especially women and fellow moms, and CrossFit has allowed me to do this. Like many people, I would workout in seasons due to my ever changing motivation and priorities. I finally committed to changing my lifestyle in 2012 when I joined CrossFit Chula Vista. After finding out the same month I joined that I was pregnant with my second child, I continued to CrossFit through it all, because I believe pregnancy is not a disability. The birth of my second daughter will always be extra special because of the peculiar situation of her birth: a crazy, shocking and unexpected home birth all by myself! If I ever felt a sense of empowerment and accomplishment it was surely that day! I completely credit the CrossFit methodology and coaches at CFCV for preparing me physically, mentally, and emotionally for that day. I have stayed committed to a healthier lifestyle and spread the CrossFit love to show that anyone, at any age, stage and fitness level can use CrossFit to vastly improve their fitness and overall well-being.